Fwd: Secure your ISPConfig 3 server against poodle SSL attack

Andrew Latham lathama en gmail.com
Jue Oct 16 16:06:58 CLST 2014

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Date: Thu, Oct 16, 2014 at 2:04 PM
Subject: Secure your ISPConfig 3 server against poodle SSL attack
To: lathama at gmail.com

Dear ISPConfig User,

you might have heard about the recent attack against the SSLv3
protocol named "poodle" which affects almost all servers and clients
that communicate securely over SSL. We prepared a tutorial that shows
you how to protect your ISPConfig server against this SSL
vulnerability by disabling the outdated SSLv3 protocol in services
like apache, nginx, postfix, dovecot and pure-ftpd so that they use
only the newer and secure TLS protocol versions.

The tutorial can be found here at howtoforge:


Best Regards,

Your ISPConfig Team
Email: info at ispconfig.org
URL: http://www.ispconfig.org


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