FUDCon Santiago 2010 - Epílogo

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger en gmail.com
Mar Jul 20 20:38:00 CLT 2010

On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 01:11:33AM -0400, Antonio Sallés wrote:
> Quisiera agradecer públicamente la participación de Jared, Dennis,
> Toshio, Max y Paul quienes (algunos) vinieron de USA a visitarnos y
> mostrar el Proyecto Fedora a fondo.
Thank you Antonio and all the ambassadors and volunteers in Chile who made
our stay wonderful!  It was a pleasure to meet, learn with, and socialize
with everyone.

If I could trouble you for one more piece of work on FUDCon, it would be
helpful for making future FUDCons even more successful than this one:

I've started a wiki page for any thoughts we had on how this FUDCon went:

If I can get everyone here to just add a few things that you thought went
well and a few things that you thought we should do better then we'll
quickly fill that page with helpful information for planning the next
fudcon.  If you know anyone else (other organizers or just attendees) that
might want to add their opinions, let them know about the page as well.

Daniel Bruno and Nushio have volunteered to take the lead on translating
between español, português, and inglés so feel free to write in your native
language and someone will translate.

Muchas gracias!

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