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Jorge Medina jorge en
Lun Feb 18 12:00:36 CLST 2008

hola a todos:
me encontraba peliando con net-snmp en openbsd 4.2 y de pronto mirando
noticias encontre esto:

    I just imported snmpd(8) and snmpctl(8), an initial attempt to
implement a new SNMP daemon for OpenBSD. SNMP is the "Simple Network
Management Protocol" and it is still very commonly used in corporate
networks, by network vendors, and in network management systems (NMS).

    SNMP is very essential for me since I'm using it at work; our
security appliances based on OpenBSD need to integrate into various
SNMP scenarios. We had to use net-snmp for this; the BSD license is
good but the code is very bad and full of ancient cruft and
portability glue. Then there were many problems with the net-snmp port
in OpenBSD, people reported 90% CPU usage on -misc, crashes, bugs, was just a pain.

me parecio genial!
Jorge Andrés Medina Oliva.
Systems Manager and Developer.

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