Problemas con Squid

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Jue Feb 26 00:27:28 CLST 2004

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>>> ningun drama en la instalacion o squid -z ?
>> ninguno
panic: *ffs_blkfree* 	Patch committed 	Alan L. Cox 	Starting in late 
April, reports of a new UFS panic, "panic: *ffs_blkfree*: *freeing 
**free **frag*" began to pop up with a high frequency in some 
environments. This problem appears to have been associated with a bug 
introduced in the VM system that has now been resolved. Users who 
updated to a kernel between approximately May 1 and May 4 will want to 
run a full foreground fsck on all file systems to make sure that no 
remaining *free* space accounting errors exist. However, we should be on 
the lookout for any recurrence of this problem due to its serious nature.